Medical students from Duke NUS (Visit)

On April 4, 2024, a significant exchange occurred as medical students from Duke NUS Medical School in Singapore engaged in a knowledge-sharing visit to Green Memorial Hospital in Manipay, Sri Lanka. This visit was made possible through the facilitation of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Jaffna, which played a crucial role in coordinating the event and fostering collaboration between the two institutions.

The exchange aimed to provide an enriching learning experience for the medical students involved, allowing them to gain insights into healthcare practices, challenges, and innovations in a different cultural and geographical context. By immersing themselves in the clinical environment of Green Memorial Hospital, the students had the opportunity to observe firsthand various aspects of patient care, medical procedures, and healthcare management strategies.

Furthermore, the visit fostered cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the students from Singapore and the local healthcare professionals and patients in Manipay. It promoted cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity, essential qualities for healthcare professionals operating in an increasingly globalized world.

Throughout the visit, there were likely structured educational sessions, clinical rotations, discussions, and interactions designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences. These activities would have provided the students with valuable insights and perspectives, enriching their medical education and broadening their understanding of healthcare beyond their own context.

Overall, such knowledge-sharing visits serve as invaluable opportunities for medical students to expand their horizons, develop cultural competence, and cultivate a spirit of collaboration and empathy in the pursuit of improving healthcare outcomes globally.

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