First aid Workshops for Nurses in Clinical Settings

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Our 8 hours First Aid Workshop is ongoing Starting from today at to 4.00 pm, and we have consulted  2 days for a workshop that is designed to teach basic lifesaving first aid skills and at the end of the workshop, a certificate will be issued to the students for their participation and to their ability in developing skills in preservation of patients care.


Often being at home with parents, careers or guardians may find themselves having the overwhelming task of acting as the “grown-up” in a medical emergency- if their parents, careers, or guardian were to have an accident or to be taken ill. This is where our training comes in courses are designed to provide the skills and build confidence to help in these types of situations.

The 8-hour first aid workshop is broken down into 60 minutes Bite-Size First Aid Sessions covering the following:

Scene safety, calling for emergency help, Casualty assessment, CPR, Airway management including choking and vomiting, control of bleeding.

Our Power of Nursing workshops supports nurses to reunite with the meaning of their work and clarify their mission and sense of professional identity as healers.

The workshop participants will receive take-home self-care tools for maintaining and strengthening resilience. These tools will be participant-specific and therefore designed to be used in any clinical situation to boost and sustain strength and connection to the nurse’s personal vision and values in nursing. This workshop focus on “Finding Meaning in Nursing” and “Service as a Way of Life.”