Certificate in health care (CHC) 2018/2019


Programme Objectives

  • To provide training that will enable them to work in hospitals, long- term care facilities, or home care set up, consultant’s clinics etc
  • To produce intellectual and professionally competent Health Care Assistants
  • To encourage in participating in continuing education.


1 year (full time only)

Entry qualifications

6 pass in G.C.E ordinary level




Heath care team is responsible for patient care and for protecting the patient from injury or illness. The course Certificate in health Care(CHC) –enable students to work in a variety of health care settings.

The Trainees who obtain the Certificate in Health Care should be able to:

  1. Record vital signs
  2. Check blood glucose level using a glucometer
  3. Test for sugar & albumin in urine specimens.
  4. Perform personal hygiene and comfort measures to patient
  5. To give basic restorative care
  6. Provide basic counseling to patient
  7. Assist a physiotherapist in carrying out physiotherapy to a patient
  8. Assist a nurse in
    1. Administration of enteral and parenteral drug administration
    2. Insertion of NG tube and maintain it.
    3. Catheter insertion and maintain
    4. Blood drawing for investigations
  9. Assist a doctor in
    • General examination of a patient
    • PV & PR examination
    • Insertion of IUCD
    • Dispensing a prescription containing basic drugs.