Diploma in Nursing

Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) is a creation of eminent academic people to provide high-quality medical education at an affordable cost to achieve universal health care.

Programme objective

  • Demonstrate integration of knowledge, skills and professional attitudes through the use of clinical evidence of reasoning.
  • Integrate inter-professional communication and collaborative skills to optimize holistic patient care.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency in providing Nursing care to individuals, families and within a diverse society.
  • Make clinical judgments using reflection, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Collaborate with patients and healthcare professionals to develop and implement culturally appropriate health promotion, disease prevention and illness care methods.
  • Identify threats to safety and develop strategies to minimize risk of harm to individuals and populations.
  • Dedicate towards advancing a culture of professional excellence and achievement through lifelong learning.
  • Effective collaborators of healthcare committed to improving best practices in health promotion, disease prevention, quality, safety and equality.
  • Incorporate effective communication and collaboration skills to form partnerships to provide care and to promote positive outcomes to a diverse society in a global context.


  • Registered in Private Health Sector Regulatory Council (PHSRC), Sri Lanka.
  • Registered in Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), Sri Lanka.

Course duration

  • 3 Years

Entry Requirements

  • A/ Level / SLQF II / NVQ level IV
  • Age between 18 to 45.
  • The candidates who qualify the above conditions will undergo a screening test. Only the successful candidate from this screening can register for the program.

Awarded as

Diploma in Nursing (SLQF IV), NVQ VI

Course Modules

  • Basic Hygiene
  • Basic needs
  • Bed Mechanics
  • Community Health
  • Medical Surgical
  • Critical Care
  • Leadership
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Class time: Week days/ Weekend

Payment Method: Installment