Higher National Diploma in Nursing (NVQ – 06)

An HND (Higher National Diploma) in Nursing at NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level 6 provides a comprehensive education and training program for aspiring nurses to develop advanced skills and knowledge in the field of nursing. Here’s an introduction to what an HND in Nursing at NVQ level 6 typically entails

Programme objective

  • Demonstrate integration of knowledge, skills and professional attitudes through the use of clinical evidence of reasoning.
  • Integrate inter-professional communication and collaborative skills to optimize holistic patient care.
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness, sensitivity and competency in providing Nursing care to individuals, families and within a diverse society.
  • Make clinical judgments using reflection, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Collaborate with patients and healthcare professionals to develop and implement culturally appropriate health promotion, disease prevention and illness care methods.
  • Identify threats to safety and develop strategies to minimize risk of harm to individuals and populations.
  • Dedicate towards advancing a culture of professional excellence and achievement through lifelong learning.
  • Effective collaborators of healthcare committed to improving best practices in health promotion, disease prevention, quality, safety and equality.
  • Incorporate effective communication and collaboration skills to form partnerships to provide care and to promote positive outcomes to a diverse society in a global context.


  • Registered in Private Health Sector Regulatory Council (PHSRC), Sri Lanka.
  • Registered in Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), Sri Lanka.

Course duration

  • 3 Years (Full-time)

Entry Requirements

  • A/ Level / SLQF II / NVQ level IV
  • Age between 18 to 45.
  • The candidates who qualify the above conditions will undergo a screening test. Only the successful candidate from this screening can register for the program.

National Competency Standards


Awarded as

Diploma in Nursing (SLQF IV), NVQ VI

Course Modules

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

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