Neuro Rehabilitation Centre

In patient & outpatient rehabilitation services

IMS has a Neuro Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) in the Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay providing services to patients with neurological disorders since 2014. NRC is a specialized medical facility devoted to treating and rehabilitating patients who have been affected by disabilities resulting from cerebral vascular accident, serious head injury, spinal cord injury, or other complex orthopaedic, or medical conditions affecting the nervous system. There is a ward with separate rooms with 18 beds providing a range of inward services and outpatients’ services. NRC operates under the Institute of Medical Sciences Trust. NRC has a team of Physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, Nutritionist, Rehabilitation nurses, Psychological counsellors and CBR officers. This team provides intervention with expertise and understanding, to help individuals as appropriate, to return home to and family, work and community activities early.

IMS provides following services:

  • In patient & outpatient rehabilitation services
  • 24 hours medical & nursing facilities.
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach.
  • Physiotherapy, speech therapy and counselling services.
  • Referrals to consultant & specialists.
  • OPD physiotherapy services.
  • Orthopaedic and general surgery clinics by consultants

This brochure outlines in detail the facilities and services provided by IMS. The clients, we have the choice of receiving both free and paid services. If the patient needs free services and truly deserves them and cannot afford, patients can request for assistance with supporting recommendation from the consultant who referred the patient or and government authority. Recently IMS has started orthopaedic and general surgery the consultant services. Both outpatients and inpatients now have a chance to get these valuable services in IMS. We hope IMS hopes to start a pain management clinic very soon.

IMS is in a position today to comply with any requests you make for extra services for patients.