Nurse assistant (NVQ Level 03)

Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) is a creation of eminent academic people to provide high-quality medical education at an affordable cost to achieve universal health care.

Programme objective

  •  To provide training that will enable them to work in hospitals, long- term care facilities, or home care set up, consultant’s clinics etc.
  • To produce intellectual and professionally competent Health Care Assistants.
  • To encourage in participating in continuing education.


  •  Registered in Private Health Sector Regulatory Council (PHSRC), Sri Lanka.
  • Registered in Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), Sri Lanka.

Course duration

  • Theory and practical – 08 months.
  • On the Job Training – 03 months.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum qualification – Gr.10 – Gr.11.
  • Age between 18 to 45.
  • The candidates who qualify the above conditions will undergo a screening test. Only the successful candidate from this screening can register for the program.

National Competency Standards

Competency Standard Code – N85S002 Q1L3.

Awarded as

NVQ Level III Certificate.

Course Modules

  • N85S002BM01 Communication Skills for Workplace.
  • N85S002BM02. Roles and Responsibilities of a Nurse Assistant N85S002BM03Occupational Safety & Health.
  • N85S002BM04 Team Work.
  • N85S002M01 Basic Anatomy and Physiology.
  • N85S002M02 Unit Preparation.
  • N85S002M03 Cliental Hygiene and Grooming.
  • N85S002M04 Nutritional needs and Techniques.
  • N85S002M05 Eliminatory needs.
  • N85S002M06 Vital Signs.
  • N85S002M07 Medication.
  • N85S002M11 Care of wound.
  • N85S002M14 Basics in First Ai.
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Payment Method: Installment